3 Traditional beliefs that would leave you broke

If you do not take control of your life, society will!

Society will define your success, your needs, and everything you should do to be happy. If and only if you define your own rules, question the stereotypes, and are willing to take risks and let go of some toxic relations that you will be happy on your own terms.

Let me give you an example - I’m from India and I lived and worked in the USA for 5 years. I lived in an Indian community in New Jersey. Why the Indian community? Because that’s the sanest thing Indians do once they land on American soil — find fellow Indians and rent an apartment close to them.

In a typical Indian community living in the USA, you will find the Men go to work and the women take care of their kids or make a second or third baby, Organize potlucks, visit each other's house every weekend and call that a party, and basically try to save every single dollar earned.

Next, they would send that money back to India, invest in real estate, and buy properties after property. So one might think that these folks are saving as much as possible and they will move back to their motherland and have a good later life. Huge mistake!! they will buy properties in India, leave it on Rent, or will let their old parents live in that house alone and will still try to do everything in their power to stay in the United States Of America, even if that means four or five members family has to live in a 1 BHK apartment.

So why would a sane person invest in one country and not even live and enjoy all that? How is it that the majority of Indian crowd on working Visa in the USA follow the same pattern? Why don’t they explore and learn and meet and greet new people in the new country?

Because they are all following a pattern, chasing the guidelines that Indian society has been following for eons.

A society that is driven by a never-dying hunger to satisfy their ego and status.

A highly paid JOB, A good life partner, kids, a big house, and a car, and then society accepts your success.

But why is it important to impress society all the time? Why is it alright to just work and follow the crowd for 60 years of your life and then to enjoy life? I don't understand what would a human being know of enjoyment at 60 if he or she hasn't tried it ever at their young age.

Why can’t we human beings live, learn, explore, and basically learn to be happy.

Well probably someday, humanity would break the shackles of conventional thinking and stereotypical image of a perfect life, and when they do they would like to know the top 3 traditional beliefs that need to die first.

Marriage and kids complete a person

Based on this belief, if you are struggling to make ends meet but have already reached the right age to get married or to make babies then you must invite another person into your life and make your life further miserable.

Some might argue that life is not always about money and a good partner and companionship is above all the wealth in the world and I don’t disagree either if you are one of those rare couples who would stay together through any hardship, share a common goal of wellness and would work your ass off to achieve your dreams.

I have read about a few rare gems like that and watched a few in the movies.

The rest of the folks who do not prioritize money, more often than not end up living a lower-middle-class life.

A house is an Investment

This one is classic.

Buying a house is perceived as an investment, well, it will be if your downpayment is a fraction of your total investments, not if you are living paycheck to paycheck and have no savings or investments.

If all your money is streamed into one channel called a home mortgage, how are you going to grow your investments? If your job takes you to a new place or you want to move to a better society, would you go through the hassle of transferring your home mortgage and negotiating a good deal, or would you rather rent?

People argue that one can use their monthly rent as a monthly mortgage and own a house when the term ends. It doesn’t work that way.

A house worth $300000 would cost you somewhere around $2k/month for a 15-year term, and close to $1.3k for a term of 30 years.

If you had to rent the same property it would cost you less than $1k and the rest of the money could be invested wisely to yield a higher rate of return.

Now do the math for 15 yrs or 30 yrs.

If buying a home is more of an emotional decision than an investment then every person to their own.

When it comes to Money — choose conventional ways

What are the conventional ways? House, physical gold, and Fixed deposits in the bank.

Based on your age and goal, you need to be smart enough to have a balanced portfolio that includes both high-risk and low-risk investments. Considering the security aspects related to any physical property, gold might not even be an option for everyone.

There are tons of free information on youtube that could help anyone make some money in stocks and equity even if your risk appetite is low.

Idea is to invest in methods that could beat inflation and safeguard your money.


  1. Test the waters before diving all in when it comes to investment but explore and take calculated risks.
  2. Use data to make decisions — not emotions, friendly advice.
  3. There is no perfect time to do anything, get married if you feel like getting married and are ready for it, make babies if you feel like making babies. Society is not going to feed your babies or take care of your family, you do.



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